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North Korea, everything is sunny all the time. Always good time beach party. Back to you, Avery.

                                                       Kim Jong Il in 30 Rock’s Everything Sunny All The Time episode (S05E22)

North Korea, everything is sunny all the time. Always good time beach party. Back to you, Avery.

                                                       Kim Jong Il in 30 Rock’s Everything Sunny All The Time episode (S05E22)

"I’m in the game so long, I know heat when I hear it"


"Stop it, stop it! Don’t shoot that lil muthafucka no more!!"

El classico.

Put that shit on the PA system.

Picture the scene. A semi-tarred road, chesa nyama vibes on the corner and a DJ/Neighbourhood Cassanova is on the decks. Matchboxes, VR6’s, Audis (Odi), Benzes, M3’s and 3 Series’ dot the scene. Someone pops some gum. She’s rocking Ross Moda’s (aka Rossmoda/Rossmora. Clean, no scuff marks), her belt struggles to contain her butt, but it manages and she’s had a fresh gold tooth done. Leaning against the black Odi (black with red seats), she takes a long, drunk but thoughtful sip of her Hunter’s Dry. The driver is in the front seat, door open and phone to his ear. She decisively pops the gum one final time before she gestures with her hands and tells whoever happens to be listening; “Kumnandi la, angiyi ndawo!”

Tshwara Papa.

Classic  ish. And then when Doc says “Thanks. Thanks ne? Thanks for going”.

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Classic Riley Freeman

Riley defends R Kelly

Riley: Why R. Kelly huh? What did R. Kelly do to you?
Tom: He’s accused of relieving himself on an underage girl on tape, which is against the law.
Riley: Ok, ok, ok, but let’s examine this whole peeing thing. So, I can pee in a toilet and its ok, but if I pee on a person, its like, not ok?
Tom: Well, yeah.
Riley: Well, what if i’m peeing and Huey’s in the bathroom and I accidentally pee on Huey? Should I go to jail.
Huey: What the hell would I be doing in the bathroom while you’re in the bathroom?
Riley: Hold up, hold up, remember when we used to sleep in the same bed when we was littler. From time to time I would have a little accident.
Huey: You still do
Riley: Shut up!!! So, Mr. Dubois, Mr. I wanna lock niggas up for peeing, whats the statute of limitations on bedwetting? Why don’t you prosecute me and R. Kelly at the same time, huh?
Tom: Now Riley, no ones gonna prosecute you for bedwetting
Riley: And you shouldn’t, its a natural bodily function. And now every nigga in the world gonna be scared to pee. I may never pee again.
Tom: Riley, it was a little girl!
Riley: Oh, I seen that girl, she aint little. I’m little, Gary Coleman’s little, Mini-Me is little, and to the best of my knowledge we all managed to avoid getting peed on so far.
Tom: But what about the victim!!!
Riley: Oh yes, the victim! At what point does personal responsibility become a factor in this equation? I see piss comin’, i move. She saw piss comin’, she stayed, and why should i have to miss out on the next R. Kelly album just for that!!!
Huey: Man, you just got beat by an eight year old.
Riley: And if R. Kelly goes to jail, I’LL PISS ON YO’ CAT!!!

The Spaza Shop Boys do the Dougie.

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